Entrepreneur Toniko Manning Brown Shows How Childcare is Done

June 10, 2016
Like most entrepreneurs, Toniko Manning Brown founded Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy in 2002 in order to fill what she saw as a gaping hole when it came to quality, affordable child care in her home town of Metairie, Louisiana. Her intention was to provide families with a school that allowed their children to receive an excellent education and engage in lots of fun activities, and to do so without taking the parents broke.
Rather than grow her childcare business through a massive PR and advertising blitz, or by offering deep discounts, Toniko Manning Brown took a different approach to growing Little Beautiful Minds and simply provided the best childcare possible and allowed word-of-mouth to take over from there. It worked like a charm. By providing the finest care at a great value, the business has become so popular that they have been forced to relocate into larger buildings twice. Thankfully, they now have plenty of room for growth, because it looks as if the growth will continue for some time, as families continue to seek out its services.

Over the years, Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy has grown into one of the premier childcare facilities in the New Orleans area, placing them ahead of many other child care options now available in the area. Through her leadership and an excellent, caring staff, Toniko Manning Brown has given the school a strong reputation for providing kids with a variety of activities that are well-rounded, appropriate and intellectually stimulating, as well as just plain fun. These activities foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.